Report Says Donald Trump Could Win Black Vote?

Campaign season is in full swing, and polls show controversial former reality TV personality and real estate mogul Donald Trump with a hefty lead over his competitors for the Republican presidential nomination.

Political observers say there’s a real chance Trump could snare the nomination, which would pit him against likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the November general election.

If that happens, Trump might be able to count on one surprising constituency to help him win the White House: African Americans. That’s according to a report on political news website Politico:

“They listen to him. They find him fascinating, and in all the groups I have done, I have found Obama voters, they could’ve voted for Obama twice, but if they’re African-American they would consider Trump.”–Politico

Of course, if Trump really wants to do well with African Americans, he might start off by stop Tweeting ridiculous and false crime stats, and maybe quit referring to us as “The Blacks”.

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