6 Year Old Boy Shot While Riding His Bike; Police Have No Clues

Police in an Atlanta suburb say a 6 year old boy was shot in broad daylight while riding his bicycle and there are no witnesses and police have no clues about the shocking assault, which required the boy be transported by helicopter to an area hospital in critical condition.

Ni-Shawn Moore was shot point blank in the chest with a .22 caliber pistol on March 12th, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The boy’s mother thought he had been shot with a BB gun but when he arrived at a nearby hospital, medical staff discovered the injury to be the result of a handgun or rifle.

Ni-Shawn Moore was then flown to a children’s hospital. Thankfully, he was released last week.

Gwinnett county police presently have no clues and no suspects in the senseless attack.