Empire Set To Return For Season 3: Cookie, Naomi Campbell To Square Off

Season 3 of the phenomenally popular FOX Hip Hop soap opera Empire airs next week on March 30. Fans of the show are excited, and the network, the show’s cast and all its producers are in full promo mode in anticipation of the well-anticipated third season debut.

While producers of the show try not to reveal many spoilers, Empire co-producer Danny Strong hinted in a recent interview that fans can expect the show’s favorite boss chick, Cookie, to be squarely pitted against Camilla, who is played by Naomi Campbell, this season.

Fans will recall that Cookie thought she’d gotten rid of Camilla, who’d been bedding Cookie’s youngest son Hakeem. But Camilla is now back as the wife of major Empire stockholder Mimi Whiteman, who captained a coup to remove Lucious Lyon–Cookie’s baby daddy, occasional foe and sometimes ally–from his perch as CEO.

Strong also said that there’ll be fewer celebrity guest appearances this season. Many fans complained that there were just too many celebrities appearing on the show. Last season, everyone from Alicia Keys to Chris Rock to Ludacris to many more appeared on the series:

“We’re dialing back on the celebrity guest stars,” he says. “I don’t want them to get too distracting. But we will have one great new character this season.

“But if we told you who it was, we’d have to kill you.”– Empire Co-Producer Danny Strong in a Recent Interview