Funeral Plans Being Made For 16 Year Old Shot By Police


Family and friends of 16 year old Robert Dentmond are preparing funeral arrangements for the teen, who was fatally shot by Gainesville police this past Sunday while holding a toy machine gun.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help cover the costs of Robert’s burial arrangements. According to that page, the $15,000 goal was not met, however, Robert’s loved ones plan to move forward with the arrangements.

Robert attended Gainesville High School. He had reportedly been depressed and called 911 to say that he was planning on taking his life.

When police showed up, Robert reportedly had a toy machine gun in his hand which police say he refused to drop.

The teen was shot by 9 different police officers during the tragedy. All the officers who fired shots have reportedly been placed on desk duty while the investigation continues.

Family and friends have described the 16 year old as caring and loving person who was also looking for love himself.

A funeral date has not been set yet.