Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ Hits #1, But Rapper Vomits While Performing Song On Stage


New York rapper Desiigner is riding high. His smash hit, “Panda”, is the top rap song in the country, according to the charts, and is the most requested song on radio right now.

It sits at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart, after 7 weeks, and sales of the song jumped 43% and total number of streams rose 48% in the last week. “Panda” sold 70,000 downloads and was streamed 22.3 million times during that span.

Yeah, Desiigner is doin’ it big, regardless of everybody saying he deliberately jacked Future’s style, rhyme structure and voice.

But the 18 year old hit a speed bump yesterday while performing his hit track. He threw up on the stage! But he quickly recovered and the show went on as planned. Check out the clip below: