Doctor Set On Fire, Found Dead In Pool Two Days After Domestic Dispute


An Atlanta doctor was found dead in his swimming pool shortly after neighbors saw him running nearly nude out of his home–and on fire. The house itself was also on fire. And now police are trying to piece together what caused the bizarre chain of events.

Dr. Marcus Moseley, 48, was an area physician who was married with children. But here’s where things take a twist: Dr. Moseley was arrested two days before his death on a battery charge. Police say he violently attacked a woman inside the home who was there visiting his wife. Mosley reportedly became enraged when he saw the women sitting on a bed in a back room together.

Dr. Moseley told police he believed the two women were having an affair.

But Anita Moseley, the doctor’s wife, told police she and the woman are best friends, and that the woman was there to comfort her on a day she was scheduled to have surgery.

Arson has been listed as the cause of the blaze, which occurred Saturday. Firefighters on the scene said a quantity of flammable liquid was found inside the home, and fire officials have said the fire was “intentional”, according to documents obtained by The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Police are investigating, and so are other agencies, since the case has been ruled arson. No suspects or a motive have been identified.

Photo: John Spink/ AJC;