Fight Over Crab Buffet Gets Couple Arrested

Its no secret that a lot of black folks love themselves some crab legs. And a 21 year old Connecticut man found out the hard way that you don’t come between some snow crab-loving black folks and their crabs this past Saturday night, after he was punched in the face and lost a tooth during an encounter with a hungry married couple that turned physical in front of the seafood buffet.

The 21 year old man’s mother came to her son’s aid by whipping out her can of pepper spray and moistening the couple and presumably the buffet as well.

Police arrested Clifford Knight, 45, and his wife, Latoya Knight, 38, both of Windsor. Clifford Knight is charged with third-degree assault and disorder conduct; Latoya Knight is charged with disorderly conduct and threatening.

They both made bond and a court date is pending.

According to reports, the fire department had to vent out the entire restaurant due to the pepper spray filling the air.

Via: NBC Connecticut