La’Porsha Renae Takes Runner-Up On American Idol


Singer La’Porsha Renae fell to fellow Mississippian Trent Harmon on last night’s final American Idol competition, surprising many fans who expected Renae to go home with the win.

But it wasn’t to be. Interestingly, Renae said she expected to lose the competition:

“The person that everyone thinks is gonna win never wins, and the person that everyone thinks is not gonna win, usually does so I wasn’t stunned by it,” Renae said.

Renae earned fans with the show’s judges, who were sometimes brought to tears by her emotional performances.

But while Harmon, who also earned a solid following with his vocal performances, took home the Idol win, Rena was gifted with a recording con tract as well.

Renae graciously said her favorite moment on the show was seeing Harmon win.

“He really deserves it. Trent is such a good person.”


‘American Idol’ ran for 14 seasons. The show had once been a major draw for Fox, but had suffered a severe ratings decline over the last several years. The show’s producers brought on an array of judges but none of that stopped the show’s slide–or TV viewers’ decreasing interest.

Its been speculated that the show’s producers may be looking for ways to bring a recalibrated version of the show back to TV.