NYC Mayor, Hillary Clinton Turn Heads With “Colored People” Joke


New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Hillary Clinton might want to get new material. The two politicians and rumored frenemies decided it would be a good idea to join together in a skit during a fundraiser over the weekend.

Clinton came out onto the stage as a surprise guest, meanwhile, the mayor let loose with a rap. Clinton thanked DeBlasio for “finally” endorsing her and then DeBlasio apologizes for his lateness, saying he was operating on “CPT”. CPT is an unfortunate euphemism that stands for “Colored People Time”, which plays on the stereotype that black people are always running late.

The surprise skit made for lots of conversation on social media.

It needs to be noted that DeBlasio is married to a black woman and has two biracial kids.

And while no one has ever seriously thought of Hilary as a racist, this skit comes days after her husband got into a verbal battle with a Black Lives Matter activist that caused tension among Clinton supporters.