Orlando Man Dangles Girlfriend’s Dog Over Balcony In Argument–Ends Up In Jail


An Orlando man was arrested on animal cruelty charges after a video that was uploaded to WorldStarHipHop and Facebook showing him dangling his girlfriend’s pit bull puppy over a second story balcony resulted in a dozen calls to police–and a subsequent manhunt.

PuppyAccording to reports, Ransom May II and his girlfriend had an argument which prompted Ransom to grab the woman’s dog and drape the puppy over the balcony, threatening to drop the animal.

At least one female neighbor tried to convince Ransom to put the dog down, which he eventually did, but only after lots of threats and cuss words were hurled around, which you can hear in the video.

Orlando cops showed up, as a result of tips from social media users who were outraged over what they saw in the video. But Ransom was nowhere to be found. He later turned himself in after cops organized a task force comprised of uniformed officers and detectives in order to apprehend him.

Ransom May II, 22, was booked on $1000 bail into the Orange County jail.

The Orlando Police Department posted a picture of Ransom after his arrest and the post drew the immediate scorn of many local residents, with at least one calling for Ransom to be hung out over a balcony, and another saying he should be “crucified” for what he did to the dog.

The puppy was returned safely back to its owner.