Tennessee Cop Kills Woman Holding An Ornate Axe


A family has lost a 40 year old female relative, a police officer is on administrative leave, and a community is in shock over a police shooting captured on body cam Wednesday. In the aftermath, Leronda Sweatt’s life ended shortly after the video shows her coming out of a home armed with medieval swords.

Questions remain, but what is being reported is that sheriff’s deputies arrived to a home that Sweatt resided in to serve an eviction notice. Cops say Sweatt at some point stabbed a Sumner County Sheriff’s deputy, and after backup officers arrived, she came out of the home armed with what was described as an elaborate skull axe, a 16-inch sword tucked under her shirt, and a 5-inch folding knife which she threw on the ground along with a “ninja star” in one of her pants pockets.

The video shows Officer James Spray yelling at Sweatt to get on the ground but Sweatt–who her family described as being bipolar–kept coming toward Spray, who quickly fired two shots, which put her on the ground. Sweatt died moments later at an area hospital.

But Sweatt’s family says her death was avoidable and that police aren’t showing all the video footage.

Gallatin police met with members of the local black community and showed them the footage prior to making the tape public.

Further investigation is now underway.

Video footage can be found below. Please be advised: the images are graphic. Use discretion before viewing.