Feds Say Cop Was A Hit Man For Major Gang


A former Atlanta-area police officer has been hit with a federal indictment accusing him of being a hit man for the feared Gangster Disciples street gang, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

A total of 48 people were named in the indictment, and they came from 9 states, including as far west as Colorado, as far north as Wisconsin and Michigan, and down into Tennessee and Georgia in the south.

rrThe 48 alleged gang members face charges that include participating in coordinated criminal activity, murder, drug trafficking, robbery, carjacking, extortion and fraud. Most of the 48 face racketeering charges.

Vancito Gumbs, who was an officer in DeKalb County, just outside Atlanta, allegedly tipped off fellow gang members to police activity, including an October raid on a bar that he knew a gang member frequented, the indictment says. He also told someone he killed people as a hit man for the gang.

A rapper with the initials “R.R.” is mentioned in the indictment as someone the gang allegedly threatened for using the group’s imagery and mentioning it in music.

Authorities declined to release the rapper’s name, but rap fans will recall that Rick Ross has infamously mentioned the group in his song lyrics.