Legendary ‘Magic City’ Strip Club FAILS Restaurant Health Inspection


Magic City–by far the most iconic strip club in modern and especially Hip Hop history–has failed its health inspection, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The popular Atlanta-based strip club, which features a restaurant inside, received a dismal 54 out of 100 possible points when a health department official came calling recently.

The report written up by the Georgia Department of Health inspector cited several deficiencies in the restaurant of the club, including dirty dishes, food stored in containers on the floor, and ready to eat food stored under raw seafood.

The report also said the restaurant had severely molded sour cream in its kitchen cooler.

Read The Department of Health Report Here.

State officials are set to do a re-inspection on June 21. Magic City will be required to have the issues corrected by then or face a fine and/or possible closure.

Magic City is an Atlanta landmark, and is famous for its expensive bottle service, $50 and up parking spaces, its massive celebrity clientele, and its stable of top-notch adult entertainers. The club, which sits just south of downtown Atlanta, regularly receives shout outs in rap songs. It is regarded as a must-see destination for big name athletes, entertainers and the many tourists who visit Atlanta.

Its not uncommon, as has been widely reported, that Magic City’s top-earning dancers take home thousands of dollars entertaining inside the club in a single night.

Magic City was one of two Atlanta strip clubs which served as the inspiration for the 1998 film Players Club; the other strip club was the now-defunct but equally legendary Club Nikki’s.