‘Meet The Browns’ Stars Meet The Auto Burglars: Star Couple’s Car Broken Into At Restaurant


“Meet The Browns” stars David and Tamela Mann had just sat down at an Atlanta-area restaurant when someone ran into the eatery and told them some guys were breaking into their car. That’s when “Meet The Browns” met the car burglars.

The couple ran outside of the East Point, Georgia, Red Lobster and confronted the thieves, who barely got away. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, one of the crooks left his Adidas shoe behind as the trio of bandits hurried away.

“We were so close, I could’ve grabbed the guy,” David Mann said. “He closed the door right before I got him, so I punched the window.”

The crooks got away with a backpack that included a computer. Also taken were Mrs. Mann’s jewelry.

“We put in time and work for our stuff,” Tamela Mann said. “For somebody to just come and take your stuff, after you [have] worked for it, I mean that’s like, horrible.”

The Manns are most noted for performing in numerous Tyler Perry stage plays and movies. They’ve also worked with gospel singer Kirk Franklin. The couples also stars in “It’s a Mann’s World,” a BET reality show that chronicles the family’s life at home and on the road.

East Point Police are investigating the theft.