Whitney’s Mother: Bobby Brown Is A LIAR Who Didn’t Have Money When He Met Whitney


Cissy Houston, Whitney Houston’s mother, is not know for biting her tongue and right about now, she in’t too pleased with Bobby Brown after he recently said the first time he ever saw the late Whitney do drugs was on their wedding day. Cissy called Bobby a liar.

Cissy also took the time to dispute Bobby’s claim that he already had money when he met the then much more successful Whitney. For years, many fans have speculated that Bobby came into the relationship knowing full well he’d be supported by Whitney. Cissy’s comments added fuel to that notion on social media.

Here’s what Cissy said after watching Bobby’s interview, doe to promote his new book, “Every Little Step: My Story Bobby Brown.:

“Last night I saw Bobby Brown’s interview with Robin Roberts. It was disturbing. There is no value in my challenging all of his statements — point for point — such as his assertion that he “had money” when he married Whitney or that anyone in my family said he started Nippy on drugs. No one blames Bobby for that. However, I must say that his story of seeing her do drugs for the first time on their wedding day is untrue (Donna Houston, Robyn Crawford and I were with Nippy the whole time before the ceremony), and more importantly, it forever casts a shadow over one of the most important days of her life.”–(Cissy Houston)