‘Duck Dynasty’ Named Worst TV Show–Of ALL Time


Rolling Stone magazine calls A&E’s hairy hillbilly lovefest, Duck Dynasty, TV’s worst show EVER. The show features a backwoods Louisiana family that struck it big by selling an array of duck-hunting goods and highlights their daily travails.

The family’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, has helped make the show infamous due to his penchant for offering his unique and ill-informed perspective on various social and cultural issues.

At one point, Robertson even claimed Black folks were happier during slavery.

Rolling Stone had this to say about ‘Duck Dynasty’:

A dipshit sitcom passed off as a reality show, with a bunch of bearded phonies stumbling over their scripted banter – likeThe Beverly Hillbillies with less believable facial hair. The Robertsons talked about Jesus a lot, but Jesus probably prefers Real Housewives like the rest of us.–Rolling Stone