Lil Wayne Leaves Miami Mansion After “Swatting” Incident

lilwayneLil Wayne has left the building. The rap mogul had recently been a victim of “swatting”–meaning someone called 911 and told cops a violent incident was taking place onside his home, which resulted in nearly a dozen cops storming the rapper’s palatial island crib. During the incident, Weezy was reportedly handcuffed by police.

Weezy also is said to have tired of people gawking at his home and snapping pics of it from the water.

Weezy was reportedly looking to stay until he could get the price he wanted for the home but since he’s had so much hassle while living there, he decided to split.

Meanwhile, his mansion isn’t the only thing he’s parted ways with. The superstar recently announced his pending retirement from the game, and capped that off by saying “F*** Cash Money!” at a recent event.