Unarmed Man Shot Dead By Tulsa Cops, Family Calls For Protests, Justice Dept. Opens Investigation


Yet another unarmed black man has been shot dead by police. 40 year old Terence Crutcher, who has been described by his family and friends as God-fearing, loving father, was killed by Tulsa police officers last week after his SUV broke down in the middle of a roadway.

And now his family wants justice and has asked the public to put together protests so that the case won’t go unnoticed. Already, about two dozen protesters took to the streets outside the county courthouse to protest the killing, which was caught on video by both a police dash cam and a police helicopter.

Crutcher was initially approached by cops who were dispatched about a disabled vehicle in the road. Things quickly went sideways as nearly half a dozen cops made it to the scene, including a police helicopter carrying an officer who is heard on tape referring to Crutcher as someone who looked like “a big, bad dude”.

Police claim Crutcher was not following their commands, even though available video shows him with his hands in the air in a non-threatening gesture throughout the duration.


Though unarmed and with his hands in the air, Crutcher  was shot dead and reportedly Tasered as well. The video shows the moment Crutcher’s body fell to the ground after he was hit, his white T-shirt soaked in blood.

Police officers on the scene say Crutcher reached inside his vehicle however,  Crutcher did not have a gun on his person or in his vehicle.

The U.S. Justice Department is now investigating the case.