4 Year Old Boy Dragged Out Of Class By Teacher, Then KICKED OUT Of School–For Not Taking A Nap?

Its a heartbreaking story. ANY parent, grandparent or auntie or uncle can relate. A 4 year old boy’s parents say he was dragged from class simply because he wouldn’t take a nap.

And then, because they filed complaints, the boy’s parents say he was kicked out of school!

Little Jaycion Gamble told his mother that he was terrified by the teacher’s actions, which allegedly took place October 4th at Heritage Elementary School in College Park, Georgia.

“He said, ‘She grabbed me off of my mat and dragged me down the hallway just like this,’” said the boy’s mother, Indira Cox, told WSB-TV, while demonstrating with the boy’s father how their son says the teacher dragged him.

Understandably outraged, Ms. Cox contacted Fulton County Schools–AND Children And Family Services. An investigation has been opened but with no results, and evidently no punishment for the teacher either.

Channel 2 contacted the Fulton County school system about the allegations. The station says it got back a statement that read, “There is little we can share other than that the allegation is being investigated.”

To make matters worse, Jaycion has no school to go to, as the school where the alleged incident occurs claims it now has no space for him.

Jaycion’s parents believe this is retaliation for their complaints.

Jaycion has not been in school for two weeks.

Ms. Cox is still trying to come to terms with how her son has been treated.

“What did the child do to deserve that? Because he didn’t want to take a nap?” Cox said.