91 Year Old Man Dies After Home Invaders Tie Him and His 100 Year Old Wife Up

Police in Brooklyn, New York are investigating an awful and unthinkable crime: A 91 year old man was roughed up and later died after home invaders stormed into the home he shared with his 100 year old wife.

According to the NY Daily News, the suspects were undoubtedly looking for cash when they entered the third story brownstone belonging to Mr. Waldiman Thompson, 91, and his wife, Ethlin, 100, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. The burglars immediately threw a blanket over Mr. Waldiman’s head, tied the couple up and began rummaging through the home.

After the robbers left, Mrs. Thompson was able to wriggle free and ran away, screaming for help.

“They tied me and my husband up and robbed us…. My husband is lying down there and he might be dead!”, witnesses say she screamed.

Police found Mr. Thompson tied up and unconscious. CPR was rendered but he did not make it.

The elderly couple had been married 30 years. Police did not immediately notify Mrs. Thompson that her husband is deceased.

Neighbors and family members painted a picture of a long-devoted couple who never left each other’s side.

The couple moved to New York from Jamaica years ago and had owned the brownstone for decades. Neighbors recall the couple being very religious and loving people, who often gave money to anyone in need.

Mrs. Thompson’s particular generosity was singled out.

“Her home was always open to the community,” said a family friend.

“She was very religious. She was a lady of faith. She’s a Jehovah’s Witness.”

Mr. Thompson had worked as a welder and locksmith. Mrs. Thompson is a retired nurse and missionary.

Police think the robbers knew the couple would often share money with others, and were looking for a stash of loot in the home.

At least one man is being questioned in the case. Police are also viewing surveillance video of two other men carrying a bag whom they believe may also have been involved.

No other arrests have been made at this time.

Police have noted a marked increase in violent attacks on elderly people in New York City. Its unclear what enhanced steps the NYPD will undertake to keep seniors safe.