Autographed O.J. Simpson Helmets Selling For $450!

Recently released knife connoisseur, O.J. Simpson, is running to the money. Football helmets personally signed by the one-time Buffalo Bills hero are selling for a whopping $399.00. And that’s the starting price.

A special inscription costs another $50; tack on another $100 if you want a case.

Its unclear how many of the helmets have been sold already, or how much of the cut O.J. is or isn’t getting.

TMZ says O.J. hosted a secret helmet-signing ceremony in Vegas recently, presumably to earn a few more bucks.

Simpson is reportedly obligated to turn over any extra earnings to the family of Ron Goldman, who successfully sued Simpson for wrongful death.

Simpson has said the Goldmans are just greedy and will do anything to get some cash.

Simpson was recently released after serving 9 years in a Nevada state prison on trumped-up robbery charges.