Celebrity Pix…Russell Wilson & Ciara

Singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson recently welcomed a baby girl into their growing family that includes Ciara’s 3 year old son, Future Zahir Wilburn, who Ciara had with Atlanta rapper Future.

Russell Wilson’s relationship with Baby Future has been at the center of a lot of gossip and speculation. Reportedly, relations between the superstar rapper and the superstar football player are frosty, at best, namely because, folks say, Future thinks Wilson tries to supersede his role as Baby Future’s biological father.

The whole situation has caused stress in the family circle that has played out on social media and the blogs before.

Wilson spends a lot of time with Baby Future, and luckily takes his role as the adorable toddler’s stepfather very seriously.

And Wilson wants the Internet to know it.

In a recent Instagram post, Wilson shared a photo of himself, Ciara and Baby Future inside a Seahawks training facility with Wilson and Baby Future sharing an intimate father/son like moment and he captioned the precious photo with:

“When he says, “Papa Russ, Good Win! You played a good game!” #FamilyLove #Grateful”

When he says, “Papa Russ, Good Win! You played a good game!” #FamilyLove #Grateful 📸@DjMogg

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“Papa Russ”? Obviously, Russ and Ciara are giving few f**** about Big Future’s opinion.

Ciara and Wilson married after a short courtship that featured the couple lying promising that they wouldn’t have sex–with each other–before they married.

Ciara found love with Wilson after doing her share of comparison shopping among the ranks of big-name rappers: The singer had previously been linked with rappers 50 Cent and of course Future and others.

Earlier in her career, Ciara, who has been criticized for what some say are very limited singing skills, also had to overcome vicious and unproven Internet rumors that claimed she is a hermaphrodite.

Wilson, meanwhile, had no problem ditching his wife to make room for Ciara. No one seems to even remember who that chick was or even what her name is.

Meanwhile, the reportedly uber-religious Wilson evidently is no Catholic because he cabbage-patched his way up to the courthouse to file divorce papers faster than you can say Soul Train, in order to pave a path of happiness with Ci-Ci.

Prior to his relationship with Ciara, many considered Wilson to be somewhat of a cornball. Haters said he was a funny-looking man with a weird pesudo-Afro and a body like a fat teenage girl.

And Ciara’s singing career was certainly waning at the time the two got together.

Reportedly, Ciara had mapped out a plan to try to turn to modeling to stack bread because music consumers seemed to be over her.

So the pairing seemed an ideal match and did wonders for each other’s image. They married in 2016 and seem to be completely devoted to their apparently blissful marriage.

The happy couple shared a touching photo of the two of them enjoying a romantic waterfront Sushi dinner on Ciara’s 32nd birthday yesterday. The singer captioned the photo with a sweet and simple hashtag:


#AllINeedIsYouForMyBirthday ❤️🎂

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Today, Ciara and Russell Wilson are regarded as one of the top couples in pop culture, and are certainly among the most photographed.