Chance The Rapper Livestreams Police Traffic Stop

“Just want y’all to be here in case it gets out of hand. Should be good though. Should be straight.” That’s what famed Chicago lyricist Chance The Rapper said into his camera phone while live streaming a traffic stop he was caught in by Illinois state police yesterday (Sunday).

A number of fatal encounters between police and Black men have occurred around the country. This has created an understandable sense of anxiety among many minorities whenever they happen to be pulled over in a traffic stop.

Count superstar rapper Chance as a member of the club.

“I have great faith in humanity and the men and women that put on the badge, but, you know, you can’t be too careful,” Chance said as he munched on food and licked his fingers. Chance said his family was returning from church. His infant daughter was asleep in the car’s back seat.

Chance added, “Policing as a system is disproportionately racist and oppressive. I ain’t got no [gun] in the car, no drugs in the car. Nothing going on…”

Chance has been outspoken in his criticism against Chicago police, name-dropping Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke during performances on “Saturday Night Live” in December 2015 and February 2016,Van Dyke is charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in 2014.

Chicago has been the site of a number of law enforcement shootings and accusations of police brutality.

Chance and Corley were issued a warning for what the state police told the Chicago Sun-Times was a “moving violation”. Chance and Corley thanked police then left.

Chance also thanked WorldStarHipHop for tuning into his live stream, which has since been deleted from his Instagram page, where hae has 7 million followers.