Former Rep. Corrine Brown Offers T-Shirt Line To Boost Legal Defense Fund

Former Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown is under siege, facing a number of years in federal prison as a result of a Jacksonville jury finding her guilty on charges that the feds brought accusing her of using a charity created to assist low-income, minority children as a cash cow for personal expenses instead.

The longtime congresswoman–well-known and respected for being a feisty fighter and outspoken advocate for her district, and who is still famous for her slogan, “Corinne Delivers”– has admitted publicly that personal funds are low, and lawyers working to keep her out of jail have to get paid.

The feds aren’t playing with Brown, by the way. She was convicted on 18 counts that each alone could send her to the penitentiary for years.

So former Rep. Brown is now offering a T-shirt line that includes men’s and women’s shirts and sweaters emblazoned with the hashtag, “#ACQUITCORRINE”.

The shirts come in various sizes–including infant.

Prices start at $25.50.

Also for sale: customized mugs ($16.00-18.95) and tote bags ($25.00).

Brown represented a congressional district that included Gainesville from 1993 to 2016, when she was defeated by current Rep. Al Lawson.

Brown said racism played a part in her conviction. Controversially, a male juror who said the Holy Ghost told him to acquit Brown was removed from the jury.

Brown was convicted after a close associate rolled on her, testifying that he routinely drew money from the charity’s bank account at Brown’s direction.

Brown’s motion to have her conviction tossed out was denied over the summer.

Its been reported that Brown faces up to 357 years in prison at sentencing.