Hillary Clinton Turns 70

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned 70 today.

Clinton, who began her career as an attorney, and who has served as First Lady and also as a U.S. Senator from New York, lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump.

Clinton was widely expected to coast to an easy victory over the clueless Trump, whose largely bumbling campaign seemed mired in one scandal and controversy after another.

But Trump pulled off the biggest upset in U.S. history, thanks to ramping up the vote among White supremacists, a higher-than-expected level of support from minorities, and voters disaffected by President Obama.

Meanwhile, Clinton based her campaign on reforming the country’s broken immigration system.

Clinton was widely criticized for her pathetic outreach to Black voters, whom she largely ignored. Many Black voters in turn stayed home, since Clinton hardly mentioned them anyway.

Clinton would have been the nation’s first female President.

Since then, Clinton has accused Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the election. Investigations are presently underway.

Rumors that Clinton would run for President for a third time in 2020 have persisted.

Clinton also was rumored to be planning a challenge to NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

Clinton, however, revealed in a recent interview that she would not run for public office again, but would instead try to use her considerable profile and resources to help get much younger people elected.

Happy Birthday, Secretary Clinton!