Jeremy Meeks’ Abandoned Wife Angling For A Reality Show?

So-called “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks is having the time of his life: fresh outta jail, he was welcomed back to the free world by adoring fans who fell in love with the light skinned former gun bandit’s shimmering blue eyes and regretful mug shot.

He also came home to a nice chunk of change, thanks to various Kickstarter and GoFundMe accounts set up and fully funded for him, along with a modeling contract. But that was just the beginning.

His wife, Meslissa, knew her man was the object of lust for a lot of women (and some men) around the world. What she didn’t expect was she’d lose him to a British billionairess–and quickly.

Melissa is now trying to heal. And face life without her husband of 8/9 years, who quickly hauled ass when Chole Green came-a-calling.

Enter Inside Edition. The TV program found another light skinned British brother to serve as a substitute for Jeremy, and bankrolled Melissa’s visit to London for what the show called a “blind date”.

She was hooked up with Theo Campbell, a British reality TV star and sprinter. Inside Edition said the two had a “wonderful time” together last weekend. I smell reality TV cooking.

Regardless, Melissa is finally recognizing that she better worry more about her coins as opposed to a good-as-gone man. After all, she has chirren to look after.

Speaking of which, Jeremy and his new sugar mama were recently photographed in L.A. along with Jeremy’s 7 year old son, Jeremy Meeks, Jr.. The trio were spotted shopping in a pricey Beverly Hills boutique district. And y’all know mama Chole can afford it.

The two love birds reportedly exchanged copious amounts of slob as the kid, nosey shoppers and paparazzi looked on. Interpretation: Chole–and her cash–are here to stay.

But back to Melissa. Its rumored the heartbroken housewife is angling to turn her misery into a reality $how that centers around her trying to rebuild her broken love life after being dumped by her ex-con hubby for a wealthy homewrecker.

Melissa recently underwent a vagina re-stretching procedure in the hopes that a tighter cat might bring that man back.

In a tearful interview, Melissa confessed that she can hardly cope now that Jeremy is gone. That admission will make it hard for any other man to stick around, of course, especially since Melissa seems intent on holding on to the unrealistic hope that Jeremy will cabbage-patch his way back into their former love nest:

“He was an amazing husband, honestly, when I think about it I still get emotional. It’s still very raw. We had a really good life together,” she said during a chat with ‘This Morning’ hosts Ben Shepherd and Amanda Holdenon Monday.

“I don’t really think there’s any denying it based on the photos that were out there… That’s my husband of 8/9 years, I love him deeply, I still do. It’s very hard when I think about what happened. I wish I still had my husband to go home to, but I don’t believe there is any hope,” she added.