Kim Kardashian Criticized For Impersonating Aaliyah…AGAIN

Reality star Kim Kardashian gives few f**** about opinions but at the same time, like any high fashion sociopath, she also craves the attention.

That explains why Mrs. Kardashian-West once again channeled beloved R&B singer Aaliyah, choosing to controversially impersonate the late R&B superstar for Halloween.

The wealthy socialite uploaded a video of herself dressed as an Aaliyah lookalike while the deceased singer’s hit song “Try Again” played in the background.

Whether purposeful or not, Kim had a little trouble squeezing her surgically enhanced melons into the tiny bedazzled top she was sporting, and almost had her own ‘wardrobe malfunction’ for her 56 million social media followers to see.

Meanwhile, the Aaliyah ripoff may not have gotten the response Kim desired.

Many social media users weren’t feeling Kim as full-on Aaliyah. Some users went as far to compare Kim dressing as Aaliyah to modern-day blackface.

Kim Kardashian actually shared a few different impersonations on social media, inclduing Cher and Madonna. But it was the Aaliyah look that drew ire.

This isn’t the first–or even second–time the TV star impersonated Aaliyah; back in 2012, and 2015, Kim also caught flak for donning what she called her “Aaliyah Hair” in photos.

Kim’s sisters Kylie and Kendall were recently hit with a lawsuit for using an image of the late rapper Tupac’s image, and then selling T-shirts on the strength of it.

Kim and her eccentric rapper husband Kanye West were rumored to be expecting twins but Kim recently denied those reports.