Nelly Accuser Wants Case DROPPED, Will NOT Testify

Rapper Nelly is poised to dodge a serious legal bullet. The unidentified 21 year old woman who accused him of rape on his tour bus–which was parked at a neighborhood Wal-Mart–has told her lawyer, police, and prosecutors that she wants the case dropped ASAP.

The woman reportedly claims she’s been bullied by the press and intimidated by the investigative process and just wants out of the situation.

Last week, Nelly was arrested on the woman’s accusation that he forced her to have sex with him then threw her off the bus and had a member of his crew hurl $100 in currency at her as she was leaving.

Nelly firmly denied the allegations.

The accuser’s lawyer released a statement today saying the woman is near “hysteria”, and that the she (the accuser) wishes she had not called 911 at all because the system “would fail her”.

Nelly’s lawyer plans on making her regret calling 911 as well: Attorney Scott Rosenblum has since released his own statement once again calling the woman’s accusation “a fabrication”, and promised that he would request Nelly sue the woman for damages.