San Antonio Cop SLAMS 11 Year Old Boy Onto Concrete To Break Up Fight

This outrageous video will leave you pissed off and speechless at the same time. A San Antonio, Texas, cop is seen on video body slamming a tiny 11 year old boy onto concrete in order to break up a fight.

As seen in the video, two boys–one Black, and another who clearly appears non-Black, and who is slightly larger than the Black kid–are tussling, when this burly, grossly overweight cop came along and grabbed the Black child, viciously slamming him full-body onto the concrete.

By the way, the non-Black child had the Black child in a headlock which makes you ask what motivated the cop to do such a thing in the first place?

Even more shocking, the cop then seemed to pick the boy up by his hair– which makes me say, if all of this isn’t child abuse, then I can’t tell you what is.

The video is going viral, thankfully. And calls are growing for this cop–who the San Antonio Express-News says has worked for the school police since 2006, to be fired AND criminally charged.

The identity of the cop has not been made public.