Say WHAT?! Snoop Dogg Has Never Won A Grammy–But Has Been Nominated SEVENTEEN TIMES?

He’s one of the most celebrated OGs in the rap game, but West Coast icon, Hip Hop legend and pop icon Snoop Dogg has NEVER won a Grammy Award–even though he’s been nominated 17 TIMES!

That Snoop hasn’t ever received a Grammy is a shock in and of itself. What’s more unbelievable is that he holds the record for being turned down for the award the most number of times out of any other artist in ANY genre EVER.

Snoop probably isn’t too bitter about it though: he’s a multi-platinum selling artist with a catalog of movie and TV appearances whose net worth is estimated at $135 million.

That’s a lot of peach cobbler money.

Nevertheless, Snoop did drop a diss track aimed at the Grammys back in 2010 called, F*** The Grammys.

In being a Grammy loser, Snoop tops a list of other hard-to-believe big names who’ve also been shunned by the Grammys.

Here’s a short list, along with the number of times they’ve been rejected:

Bryan McKnight–16

Nicki Minaj-10


Busta Rhymes-11


Public Enemy-5

Notorious B.I.G.-4