Scary Movie Scene For Halloween: Salem’s Lot

I’m a scary movie fanatic y’all. I’ll watch a horror movie before I watch regular TV. And a movie has to be seriously unnerving for me to consider it “scary”.

Now in my opinion, the scariest movies don’t feature aliens from outer space, planets disintegrating, or little kids communicating with demonic clowns. I think the scariest movies feature things that we all FEAR could really happen to US.

Like, somebody you watched get lowered into the ground Saturday morning end up in your spare bedroom later that night–but pissed off and interested in sucking some blood outta you.

Ole grandpa dropped dead to the floor after his homeboy–who was dead, killed by vampires–came back home to chill in his former bedroom while delivering a horrifying message.

To me, this is the scariest scene in the Salem’s Lot movie, which I think is one of the creepiest movies of all-time.

By today’s standards, the special effects and make-up are cheesy as hell. But that might be why the old horror movies are scarier anyway–less computer tricks that look like computer tricks.