T.I. Wants Y’all To Have Guns


Rap mogul T.I. weighed in on the controversy over gun control in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings this past week.

The Atlanta rapper, who served time for illegally possessing a small arsenal of his own, is unsurprisingly opposed to gun control:

“I mean, to me, man, as long as the criminals have them, I think citizens should be able to have them. I think there should be mental evaluations. The same for people who running for president, by the way.” (TMZ)

T.I. has a point. Everybody SHOULD have the right to defend themselves.

And everybody running for president SHOULD get a mental evaluation. Maybe a few of them, in some cases…

By the way, T.I. can tell you all about having tools. The feds built a case on the rapper after his former bodyguard rolled on him after his own arrest for trying to buy firearms from a federal agent.

The rapper was charged with possessing 3 machine guns and two silencers.

He eventually pled guilty and received a 1 year prison sentence.