Tamar Braxton Files For Divorce?

Its over now. Singer Tamar Braxton is through with her marriage, and sister went up to the courthouse Tuesday to make it official, according to TMZ.

Braxton and hubby, music producer Vincent Herbert, have been together since at least 2003, and married in 2008. Their anniversary is next month.

Braxton recently told The Breakfast Club that marriage is a challenge. She confessed that she found comfort in allowing a man to give in to his compelling ho tendencies in order to keep things copacetic:

“Marriage is great, but it’s hard as hell. Every day is something new. I’m not gonna sit up here and act like everything is peaches and cream every day because it’s definitely not. But [music] is what we bump heads on the most. I’m a real creative person and I’m really passionate…”, Braxton said.

“Can he have a side chick? No, he can’t have a side chick, but if he has a side chick, I would hope that he’s respectful about it?”, Braxton said. “A lot of people are not real with themselves. With successful men…comes certain things. This is what happens when a man becomes success, he buys jewelry, a big ol’ house, and he gets a side chick.”–Tamar Braxton On The Breakfast Club

The couple share a 4 year old son.

The couple has had drama before. Last year, cops were summoned to the couple’s room at an Atlanta hotel over an alleged domestic violence incident.

Herbert doubles as Tamar’s manager and he’s credited with helping guide the songbird to musical success. Its unclear what the future of the business side of things will be, IF the couple actually divorce.

The couple star in the Wetv reality series, Tamar & Vince, which launches a new season next month. So the timing of this divorce announcement is peculiar.

Some fans believe the move could be a publicity stunt by the couple to promote the newest season of the show.