Tamar Braxton Visits Breakfast Club, Talks Marriage, Final Album, Fashion and Ending Beef With Tiny

Whenever Tamar Braxton shows up, you can believe you’re gonna hear a lot. The girl can talk! But that’s probably one of the reason so many folks dig her, aside from her smooth music.

Tamar checked in with The Breakfast Club and had a broad discussion with the hosts, Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee.

On her once often-in-the-blogs marriage:

“Marriage is great, but it’s hard as hell. Every day is something new. I’m not gonna sit up here and act like everything is peaches and cream every day because it’s definitely not. But [music] is what we bump heads on the most. I’m a real creative person and I’m really passionate about.”

Tamar said she’s “real” about not wanting her man to have a side chick, but offered that with “successful men…come certain things”.

Tamar she says she would not approve of her husband having a side piece, but she could endure it so long as the situation was handled in a “respectful” way:

“Can he have a side chick? No, he can’t have a side chick, but if he has a side chick, I would hope that he’s respectful about it? A lot of people are not real with themselves. With successful men…comes certain things. This is what happens when a man becomes success, he buys jewelry, a big ol’ house, and he gets a side chick.”

Tamar also talked about record sales, which have fallen across the board in recent years. Tamar’s latest effort, Bluebird of Happiness, failed to make the Top 10 in its debut.

Entering week 2 the album has sold around 19,000 copies. Tamar has previously said Bluebird will be her last album.

“That’s not gonna affect my day. What affects my day is how my son is doing. Is my mom well? Is my parents alive and well? Are my sisters doing amazing? Do they need anything? That’s what affects me.”

Tamar also touched on reported beefs she’s in with at least 3 other industry women–Toya Wright; Monica; and Tiny Harris.

“I had no idea that wasn’t my friend. I had no idea, all the things that were coming out of her mouth, that she really felt that way. On top of everything that was really negative that happened last year…I’m not gonna cry…That’s just one of the things that hurt me the most. When her brothers died, that really affected me. Tiny and I were together at the studio with Tricky and we both called her. I found it hard to hear her say that was a ‘nice gesture.’ I’m not that girl.”

On Monica: “I don’t really know her like that. I’ve never been to her house. I knew Shannon [Brown] before I met her. I don’t have issues. I can’t wait to really get to know her because I feel like we have a lot in common.”

I sense shade. By the way, Tamar and Monica are the opening acts for Xscape’s upcoming reunion tour, which kicks off in November.

Neither Tamar nor Tiny ever officially admitted there was beef between the two of them. A couple of years back, they co-hosted a late-night show together.

In more recent times, the rumor mill had them on the outs with each other.

“I’m excited about the unity of it. Me and Tiny are stronger than ever. We have definitely reunited, especially as far as the kids are concerned. Tiny is not a crier but she cried. We both cried. It was stupid and crazy because so many people had so much to say, that had nothing to do with our relationship. That was our fault, because we allowed people to be able to have a say…That felt really good to know, that our relationship is real, at the end of the day.”