What’s In The JFK Files?

Today, the long-secreted JFK Files are set to be publicly released. It marks the first time the public will get an opportunity to get an actual look into the truth about the circumstances of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who was killed as his motorcade traveled through downtown Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Dozens of documentaries, books, and films have covered the subject.

Yet, the most brazen homicide in American history is still shrouded in mystery.

And the questions run deep. Near the top of the list, will President Donald Trump release the full dossier–or just redacted bits and pieces?

Close to 54 years since Kennedy was murdered, there’s no shortage of conspiracy theories. For decades, we’ve heard allegations that Russia, the CIA, the FBI, organized crime, Lyndon Johnson and a number of other individuals and organizations were involved in the assassination.

Did Harvey Oswald act alone, or was he part of a broader conspiracy? Was Kennedy’s assassination the result of his tepid support for civil rights–or his staunch opposition to Soviet communism?

And at the top of most Americans’ minds, did our government have anything to do with the murder? Millions of Americans want to know these answers.

But will releasing the files bring us closer to identifying the responsible party or parties–and a motive?

Is the truth really out there–and will it be revealed today?

Trump has not indicated exactly when he’ll make the release public today.