Way Back Wednesdays…Vanity 6: Nasty Girl/Apollonia 6: Sex Shooter

Before there was Beyonce, Rihanna, or Lil Kim, the ladies of pop group Vanity 6 were putting sex appeal front and center with their music in the 1980s. Vanity was composed of 3 ladies– Susan ... Continue Reading →

‘Colin Kaepernick’ Costume Among Most Popular This Halloween

Colin Kaepernick may not be signed with an NFL team, but his image was everywhere over the Halloween holiday, according to Yahoo Sports. Kids across the country showed up for treats ... Continue Reading →

Trump Says He’ll Toughen Immigration In Aftermath Of NYC Terror Attack

Yesterday’s terror attack in New York City prompted U.S. President Donald Trump to remark in a series of tweets that he would seek changes in the U.S. immigration system. Twenty ... Continue Reading →

Wendy Back On Air, Says She’s Fine Day After Shocking Collapse

Talk show queen Wendy Williams was back on the small screen today, 24 hours after she shockingly collapsed live on global television. Saying she was just fine, and offering an explanation ... Continue Reading →