55 Year Old New Jersey Grandfather BUSTED In Group Charged With Having 300 Bricks Of Heroin

A 55 year old New Jersey grandpa is accused of having that work.

Michael Green, 55, of Newark, New Jersey was arrested after cops in North Carolina patrolling I-95 stopped and searched a car Green was traveling in.

Cops then reportedly discovered 300 bricks of heroin in the vehicle.

Green was charged with three counts of trafficking opium or heroin and conspiring to traffic opium/heroin, and locked up on a $1.5 million secured bond.

Everybody else in the car caught a case too, and their bonds range from $250,000 to $1.5 million.

In custody in Nash County, North Carolina with Green are:

Kahdijah Tamirah Smith, 33, of Vauxhall, New Jersey; Shamsuddi M. Green, 37, of East Orange, New Jersey; Rachine Rendell Green, 42, of Columbus, Ohio and Kawuan Robertson, 38, of  Irvington, New Jersey.

Police claim they received a “tip” that led to the stop.