Accused Tampa Serial Killer Worked At McDonald’s, Asked Manager To Hold On To Murder Weapon

A 24 year old Tampa man is a suspected and now-charged serial killer who faces four counts of murder, according to reports.

Howell (Trai) Donaldson III is suspected of murdering four people in the city’s Seminole Heights neighborhood.. The murders took place between Oct. 9 and Nov. 15.

One of Donaldson’s alleged victims was a 60 year old man, Ronald Felton.

Tampa was on edge and local police put a dragnet into motion to capture the killer, who seemed to be randomly targeting strangers.

Donaldson was arrested after a bizarre turn of events in which he asked his manager at the McDonald’s he worked as a crew leader to hold on to a bag while he went and applied for a payday loan.

The manager got nosy, looked inside the bag, and discovered it contained a .40 caliber pistol.

That manager consulted with another manager and the two alerted a police officer who was already at the eatery. That officer looked at the gun, then called for backup.

In minutes, the restaurant was surrounded and cops quickly took Donaldson into custody.

Police later announced they could link Donaldson to the four murders.

Anthony Naiboa, Monica Caridad Hoffa and Benjamin Edward Mitchell

The victims were Benjamin Mitchell, 22, who was killed while waiting for a bus on Oct. 9; Monica Hoffa, 32, who was found dead in a vacant lot on Oct. 13; and Anthony Naiboa, 20, who was killed while walking on Oct. 19.

If convicted, Donaldson could face execution.