Actress Jenifer Lewis Discusses New Memoir: Talks Bipolar Disorder, Sex Addiction–And One-Night Stand With Jon Voight

Beloved veteran actress Jenifer Lewis knows a thing or two about the swirl. In her new memoir, “The Mother of Black Hollywood”, Lewis recalls her one night get-down with fellow acting legend Jon Voight.

Lewis, who is best known for portraying steel-willed and witty matriarchal figures in a number of classic Black movies, said she caught the actor’s eye and after a little bit of romance, it was ON:

“We talked about being from families of hard workers,” she writes. “We stared into each other’s eyes and kissed. We went to his room on the 35th floor of the Essex House. I was spellbound by his sensitivity and kindness … Let’s just say he was a real ‘Midnight Cowboy.’”

“It was a beautiful night. Handsome carriage ride. We walked. And he was very sweet, he walked me home,” she said before digging into his political views. “Of course now he’s a Republican and goes with the NRA.”–Page Six

Voight is actress Angelina Jolie’s father.


In her book, Lewis admits to a battling sex addiction and bipolar disorder for 17 plus years and needing therapy to deal with it all.

“This book damn near killed me,” she quipped. “I have a kept a journal since the 7th grade. Day to day. I had to go back and read all 63 of them. I’m 60 years old. But I had three filled with feelings. It was the biggest challenge of my life to write this book. There were several times I wanted to quit. It was a very difficult process, but I continued because that’s really all I really know to do.”

Lewis is presently stealing scenes on popular TV show Black-ish.

“The Mother of Black Hollywood” comes out November 14.