After Helping Feds Convict Former Congresswoman, Woman At Center Of Corrine Brown’s Charity Scam Seeks No Jail Time


Carla Wiley, the Virginia woman who rolled over on former Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown in a federal case, is seeking no jail time after pleading guilty to federal charges.

Wiley helped the feds build a rock-solid case on Brown that culminated in the former Jacksonville-area representative being convicted of 18 federal charges including tax evasion.

“She has fully accepted responsibility for her role in the offense and did so from the outset,” attorney Gray Thomas wrote in a memo to U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan, who has scheduled a sentencing hearing for Wiley next week.–Florida Times-Union

Wiley also reportedly handed over the remaining funds to the feds.

Prosecutors alleged that Wiley, her ex-boyfriend and Brown’s chief aide Ronnie Simmons, along with Brown herself, sought out donations from wealthy individuals and corporations to donate to what those people assumed was a charity designed to help low-income inner city children.

Instead, the feds say, those monies were spent by Brown and her cohorts on a range of personal expenses, bills, and even box seats at a Beyonce concert.

Wiley’s sentencing is set for next week.

Brown, a longtime political figure who represented a congressional district that included Jacksonville and Gainesville, is known for her defiant attitude and iron will.

A keen networker, Brown is credited with bringing billions in federal dollars to the area.

Ironically, it was Brown who secured the funding to build the federal courthouse she was convicted in back in May.

Brown is also well-known for her “Corrine Delivers” slogan, along with her penchant for wearing variations of the same old wig–for years.

Brown’s sentencing is also set for next week. She reportedly faces several years in prison.