Al Sharpton Going To PRISON…To See Meek Mill

Civil rights icon the Rev. Al Sharpton is heading to the slammer to see incarcerated Philly rapper Meek Mill.

Rev. Sharpton is expected to visit the rapper today at the suburban Philadelphia prison he’s currently housed at.

Over the weekend, the reverend said he would assist Meek in trying to gain his freedom much in the same way, he says, he helped Tupac by having ‘Pac removed from solitary confinement during Pac’s term in prison in the mid-1990s.

Meek’s popularity has grown as fans and celebs alike have joined together to vocally protest his sentence.

Many have accused the sentencing judge, Genece Brinkley, of being a disgruntled groupie. She’s suspected of throwing down the gauntlet, sending Meek straight to prison because he declined her alleged demand that he re-record a Boyz II Men song which she also wanted to be shouted out on.

Its unclear if Al Sharpton will seek payment for his efforts.