Bambino Gold and Cousin Found DEAD In Wooded Area: Rapper Had Been Shot Before, Was Missing Nearly 2 Weeks

Horrifying and tragic news for Southern Hip Hop fans. Atlanta rapper Bambino Gold, birth name Edward Reeves, who had been missing for nearly two weeks after leaving Atlanta for a trip to Montgomery, Alabama, has been found dead.

The body of Bambino’s cousin, Kendrick Stokes, AKA Skooly Wit Da Tooly, was also found nearby. Both men reportedly traveled to Alabama in the same vehicle.

According to reports, the bodies of both men were found in a rural area of Macon county Alabama, where Tuskegee serves as the county seat.

Someone walking in the area discovered the first body and police were called. Later, deputies continued looking around the vicinity and discovered the second body, about 3-4 miles away.

Though an official cause of death was not released to the public, news reports quote police as saying the men were “obvious” victims of homicide.

“They were not far off of the road at all,” said Macon County Sheriff Andre Brunson to reporters. “It looks like somebody placed them there. I don’t think they were killed there.”

Autopsies are reportedly pending.

Reeves, 29, and Stokes, 30, were cousins by marriage and longtime friends. Both are originally from Montgomery, but relocated to Atlanta to pursue careers in the Hip Hop industry.

Bambino had been friends with producer Mike Will, who he credited with introducing him to power players in the Atlanta rap scene, including Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka.

Though he became an affiliate of Gucci’s So Icey Entertainment and Waka’s Brick Squad, he was never signed by either imprint.

Bambino did eventually sign to Trill Entertainment, home of rappers Lil Boosie and Webbie, among others, but left the label in 2014.

Bambino had not yet attained the success that many of his peers enjoyed. His most recent mixtape dropped in September and was entitled ‘Upgrade’.

No stranger to violence, Bambino had been shot several times in the past, including during an alleged shootout where he was shot in the face. It took the rapper months to heal from that incident.

In 2014, Bambino was accused of “snitching” to investigators searching for evidence in the Lil Phat murder case. Bambino staunchly denied the accusations, and even offered court documents to dispute the subsequent rumors.

Many of the rapper’s fans posted on social media their hope that he and his cousin would be found safe, but some say they nevertheless expected the worst outcome since the MC seemed to live the gun-filled lyrics he spat.

According to reports, Bambino and Skooly were on their way back to Atlanta but told friends they would make one stop before they hit the interstate. They never made it back to the ATL however.


Police are investigating both homicides.

In a September interview with DJ Smallz for TrapsNTrunks, Bambino looked back on being shot in his face and prided himself on being a survivor of the streets.

“I’m built tough,” the rapper said. “I’m built to last. Everybody knows that I’m a tough person. Anything that’s thrown at me, I know I can overcome”.

He then offered advice to anyone overcoming challenges after facing near-death violence.

“Keep your head up, ya’ know, keep your faith, and keep going. Any opportunity you ever have to keep pushing, keep pushing.”

Rest in peace to both men, and let’s keep their families in our prayers.