Buffalo Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor But Reinstate Him After Getting The Brakes Beat off Them By Chargers

If the Buffalo Bills don’t make the playoffs this year, then they can thank their first-year head coach, Sean McDermott, for it. He decided to bench Tyrod Taylor in favor of in-over-his-head rookie Nathan Peterman, who went out on the field today and threw 5 interceptions in the first half before he himself was benched.

That set a team and NFL record.

The Bills were crushed 54-27. Also crushed: a possible spot in the playoffs, which the Bills haven’t been to since 1999.

Evidently, McDermott blamed the Bills getting thrashed by the New Orleans Saints last week on Taylor, even though it was actually the team’s defense that rolled over and played dead in that game. For whatever reason, it looks like McDermott decided to make Taylor take the blame–and the humiliation.

Fans are not feeling this. The Bills have been one of the hottest messes in the NFL for years, but this nonsense was even more than long-suffering Bills fans could stand: the home crowd booed Peterman relentlessly until he was finally taken off the field while they chanted, “We Want Tyrod!”

Like any good sport, Taylor reentered the game at McDermott’s request with no drama. He’s better than me. I would have asked him to choose which side of my ass he’d like to kiss.

Twitter users agree with me: