Celebrity Pix…Tiger Woods Goes Golfing With President Trump: Twitter Speaks Out

Users on Twitter expressed shock and disgust that golfing legend Tiger Woods hit the course with President Donald Trump this morning.

Many users seemed stunned that Woods would dare play golf with the controversial POTUS although this isn’t the first time Trump and Woods have been on a golf course together: their relationship predates Trump’s White House win.

At least one member of Black Twitter took their shock even further, and banished Woods in absentia from the Black Race over the golfing get-together:

Here’s some breaking news: Tiger Woods never considered himself Black anyway, did he? So he banished his own self a long time ago.

And I don’t ever remember him saying he was a Democrat either, by the way. So why is anybody actually surprised or bothered by this?

Trump reportedly offered Woods one of those unattractive Make America Great Again ball caps, but he reportedly didn’t have one large enough to cover Woods’ big ole greasy head.

The soon-to-be 42 year old Woods was once the golfing game’s undisputed top player but his game has fallen off considerably since the 90s, when he ruled the golf course.

Woods is still a big baller but his pockets took a hit after his ex-wife hauled him in to court, only to cabbage patch her way out of there with almost half his bank account. In a highly publicized divorce settlement, Woods’ former wife accused Woods of stepping out on her with a number of alleged golf groupies.

Her haul: over $100 million.

On Memorial Weekend, Woods was busted by Florida cops on a DUI charge.


Woods allegedly blamed the entire spectacle on prescription drugs.

Woods was ultimately sentenced to probation and community service.