‘Colin Kaepernick’ Costume Among Most Popular This Halloween

Colin Kaepernick may not be signed with an NFL team, but his image was everywhere over the Halloween holiday, according to Yahoo Sports.

Kids across the country showed up for treats dressed like the famed QB, who previously took the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl and a subsequent NFC Championship Game.

Kaepernick was dropped from the team after his decision to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem became an everyday topic.

Since then, the other 31 NFL teams have refused to sign the athlete out of fear they’ll alienate the racist segment of the sport’s football fans.

Happy Halloween Robert E. Lee was not honorable but this kid is

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Kaepernick has since become a pop culture icon. He is also considered a civil rights figure by many.

Kaepernick’s lawyer recently told the media the player would be signed by an NFL team within ten days. Its unclear if that will actually happen, or which team could sign him.