Controversial Former Alabama Judge and Senate Candidate Roy Moore Battles Molestation Accusations

Controversial Senate candidate Roy Moore is in the hot seat.

That’s because several women are claiming the former jurist made sexual advances toward them when they were young; very young: as young as 14 years young, to be exact.

At the time of the alleged assaults, Moore was 32, AND a state prosecutor.

Thanks to the still-trending scandal, Moore is in a mess, and so is the Republican Party. That’s because Moore won the right to represent the party in an upcoming Senate special election against Democrat Doug Jones in the December 12th winner-take-all contest.

Moore isn’t used to having his own sex life questioned. But he’s had plenty to say about that of others, including, as a judge, taking a woman’s children because she’d had an affair with a woman.

It’s unlikely Moore will face charges over the women’s accusations; much of Alabama’s political establishment seems to be, intriguingly, standing behind him.

But Moore could be in trouble at the voting booth: a recent poll showed the race between him and Jones neck and neck, and that was before he was accused of being a perv.

But some analysts say that since Alabama is such a deeply conservative state that, even if the allegations were somehow proven true, Moore could still win.