Convicted Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown Awaits Judge’s Decision On Sentencing Delay Request

Back in May, former Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown was convicted of charges that accused her of masterminding a phony charity then using its cash resources to fund fancy trips, Beyonce tickets and more.

The fraud convictions could put Ms. Brown away for many years.

Ms. Brown’s attorney filed a motion to have her November 16th sentencing date postponed. Her attorney cited unspecified medical conditions that Brown is being analyzed for.

But the feds aren’t having it: they want to see the former congresswoman in jail ASAP.

Federal prosecutors responded to the delay request by saying Brown is coming up with excuses to delay incarceration. They say Ms. Brown has offered no proof of any medical condition that would prevent her from being sentenced, contrary to what her attorney argued. They want the judge to sentence Brown on November 16th–5 days after she turns 71 years old.

Its been reported in the media that Brown faces up to 357 years in prison.

The general consensus is that Brown engaged in wrongdoing, but many observers believe 357 years is overkill.

Federal judges have broad sentencing leeway, and Brown’s attorney is hoping the longtime Jacksonville Democrat receives a probation sentence.

But many legal analysts say the likelihood of Brown not getting any jail time at all after being convicted of 18 federal charges seems improbable–at best.

The judge has not yet issued his ruling on the sentencing delay.

Ms. Brown is a well-known community figure who represented a congressional district based in Jacksonville that also included Gainesville.

In north and central Florida, the former congresswoman is known for two things: her “Corrine Brown Delivers” slogan, and her unusual, fluffy wigs.