Earle Hyman, Who Played Grandpa Huxtable On ‘Cosby Show’, Despite Being Only 11 Years Older Than Bill Cosby, Dies

Veteran actor Earle Hyman, best know for portraying Russell Huxtable, Bill Cosby’s father on The Cosby Show, ha died. He was 91 years old.

A native of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Hyman grew up in Brooklyn and  started his movie career way back in 1945 with an uncredited role in The Lost Weekend.

Hyman was a cousin of the late R&B singer Phyllis Hyman, who committed suicide in 1995.

He appeared in 40 episodes of Cosby, starting off in season 1 of the iconic show.

During his appearances on the show, it wasn’t commonly known that Russell was only 11 years older than Bill Cosby, who played his TV son.

Hyman is credited with being a major influence in developing Black theater and would perform on and off Broadway for decades.

Mr. Hyman reportedly never married.