Eli Manning Might Bounce After Giants Bench Him: Could He Re-Unite With Tom Coughlin In Jacksonville?

Yesterday afternoon, the New York Giants head coach and general manager made a stunning decision to bench longtime quarterback Eli Manning, who has led the team to two Super Bowl wins–both against the New England Patriots–since he started in 2004.

The news was met with shock by sports fans, and revulsion by many Giants fans.

The Giants have been getting knocked around the field week after week all this season, and only have two wins to show for it. And, they are expected to lose a few more. Obviously, in the Giants’ coaches minds, Manning needs to take the lion’s share of the blame.

Reportedly, Manning is struggling to maintain his dignity after the humiliating turn of events. He almost came to tears during a press conference.

Even more degrading for Manning: He was benched in favor of Jets cast off Geno Smith, who has struggled mightily every time he gets even a finger on a football.

Speculation is now mounting that Eli is done with New York.

Its unclear where the 36 year old Manning could go next, if he decides to bounce, but Jacksonville is being touted as a natural fit.

The Jaguars are much better than they have been in at least a decade. But they have a barely average quarterback known for unpredictable play currently at the helm, and Tom Coughlin–who was the Jags’ first coach, and now serves as a franchise executive–would likely be glad to bring Manning’s proven, steadier hand to Duval.

Coughlin was Manning’s coach in New York, where the two pioneered the team’s return to championship status after years of mediocrity.

If Manning does not end up in Jacksonville, other teams have been mentioned as possible destinations, including Minnesota; Denver; Buffalo; and Arizona.

There is also the possibility that Manning may just decide to retire.