Feds Investigating Whether Meek Mill Judge Used ‘Extortion’ Against Rapper: Report

The FBI is looking into whether or not Philly’s Judge Genece Brinkley, who famously sentenced rapper Meek Mill to a 2-4 year prison sentence last week, engaged in extortion against the rapper, according to Page Six.

Brinkley’s connection to her neighborhood homies has caught the attention of the FBI. More specifically, her relationship with a local Philly music figure named Charlie Mack. Allegedly, the judge tried to get Meek to drop his deal with Roc Nation and sign with Mack instead.

Brinkley allegedly also asked Meek to record a Boyz II Men song and give a  shoot-out to her in the lyrics. Mack manages the R&B group.

Meek declined and that’s when the judge reportedly said, “Suit yourself”. Many suspect that was the catalyst for Brinkley sending Meek straight to jail on a probation violation although the prosecutor didn’t even want him to serve any time.

But the judge herself is now in some hot water, according to Page Six.

A confidential source who spoke to the website said federal agents have been monitoring Brinkley’s handling of the Meek Mill case for at least a year, with undercover agents actually sitting in the courtroom for the proceedings since April 2016.

At issue: did the judge try to extort Meek in Mack’s favor?

If so, then Judge Brinkley might end up with a bunk bed all her own down at the jailhouse where Meek is currently housed in solitary confinement.